Hi everyone,

today we feel confident enough to share the first image of the new look for the game!
We wanted to keep the general clean and precise look, but still have more diverse environments and more interesting levels.

A work-in-progress level in the new look

You can see it full size in the gallery.

Other than that we are working hard on the story mode!
What do you think?

Crashdamned: First update

Hi everyone,

we just released a new version of Crashdamned Prelude, it can be downloaded right here.
The new version fixes the number one complaint about the game. It seems a lot of you didn’t like the mechanic where you not only had to collect people from their platforms but also deliver them to another location. And we admit: You are right!
So in this version people only have to be collected to count towards the level goals, and it actually plays a lot smoother.

Thanks for your feedback, and have fun with the new version!

Crashdamned Prelude released

Hey everyone!

As of now, you can download Crashdamned Prelude for free directly from here!
Crashdamned Prelude is a full game with 30 levels and a short tutorial, but it also is a teaser for greater things to come.
The idea is to get a short game out in the open that already contains many of the ideas that will later be expanded on in a longer game.

We are very curious on what you thing of the game, so feedback is always welcome.
Also, please spread the word and tell your friends about it!