About the game

Crashdamned is a physics-based 2D arcade game that is exactly as hard as its name implies. It is inspired by classics like N. The intent is to create a game that is hard but fair, it should be (theoretically) possible to beat the game without ever dying. Note that this won’t happen in practice :)

Gameplay itself is a variation of the classic Space Taxi theme. You have to collect people from the platforms they are waiting on and deliver them to another platform. Rescue enough people and the portal to the next level opens.. although you still have to get to it!

The game features a multitude of levels, from a tutorial over the first training stages up to the ridiculously hard later levels, where every error will be your last and a full collection of obstacles and enemies. To make the whole experience fun instead of frustrating, the penalties for dying are pretty much non-existent. You can repeat each level as often as you like at the press of a button.

Some screenshots for a first impression:

Screenshot of an easy level
Easy level
Screenshot of a medium level
Medium level
Screenshot of a hard level
Hard level
Screenshot of the main menu
Main menu